Trez Forman Capital was looking to increase its reach on LinkedIn, produce more relevant content, and connect with a  targeted audience in their niche industry.

The Results

In 2018, we accrued over 150,000 impressions organically on the LinkedIn company page by creating an effective content strategy. We implemented on-brand consistent content in the form of images, videos, and blurbs to grow the following by 44% in their unique niche. In addition, we crafted and delivered company-wide newsletters to an audience of 10,000+ monthly. Successful open rates reached upwards of 35%.

Linzi works with you to establish clear marketing goals, and has a real plan to accomplish them. She’s passionate on working with clients and their needs, a great communicator, and gets things done. I recommend Linzi and her industry knowledge to be on anyone’s marketing team to take their business to the next level.

Cameron Mitchell

Trez Forman Capital