Launching an Artificial Intelligence brand with purposeful content and a fresh voice.



Create a comprehensive content strategy guide to help guide new content marketing efforts.


  • User personas

  • Competitive analysis

  • Core strategy statement

  • Channel strategy

  • Brand voice guidelines

Creative Process

Lightning AI is a new SaaS service for marketers that runs on Artificial Intelligence. The AI will test hundreds of audience groups for you while you sleep, then optimize your paid advertising campaigns based on the data. 

We were tasked with creating a comprehensive Content Strategy document that would help guide the content marketing and editorial team in their efforts.

User research and persona creation

The first thing we did was dive into user research. We spoke with stakeholders to learn more about current users, and did some hands-on field research and interviews with the target audience. This process led to the creation of two main user personas that could be used to help guide content and onboard new writers to the brand.

Market research and competitive analysis

To document our findings, we used a spreadsheet and analyzed Lightning AI’s top six competitors. Although there are many other competitors in the space, we chose these six because they all target roughly the same audience and are a mix of large competitors and new startups.

We also took a look at the market, and presented the client with some insight into the high-growth potential of the industry. Finally, we considered what the gap in the market was—an AI powered marketing platform with a unique point of view and modern approach to social media.

Core content strategy and channel strategy

After synthesizing all the research, we created a detailed content strategy guide that began with a core content strategy statement and high-level priorities (below). Then, we created a detailed strategy for each publishing channel the brand will be using. 

In the detailed channel strategy document (not pictured), we outlined content types, publication frequency, and key performance indicators for that channel.

Voice and tone guidelines

To ensure consistency across all publication channels and give freelance writers guidance on the brand voice, we created a voice and tone document. This included guidelines on grammar and punctuation, jargon and acronyms to avoid, and explained the brand’s user-centered approach to web content.

Three core tenants of the brand voice:

  • Conversational

  • Helpful

  • Friendly

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