Cheney Brothers’ in-house marketing team needed a social media strategy that would expand its reach and build brand loyalty.


Create a comprehensive social media strategy to help guide new online marketing efforts.


  • User personas
  • Social media audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content guidelines
  • Paid ads manual
  • Social media roadmap

Creative Process

An in-depth social media strategy to help Cheney Brothers increase its reach, grow a loyal fanbase, and convert new customers. 

Cheney Brothers is one of the nation’s largest food distributors. It is currently listed as the 4th largest private company in South Florida. I was tasked with creating a comprehensive social media strategy that would help guide the in-house marketing team in its efforts. 

User research

The first thing we did was dive into user research. We met with the marketing team to learn more about its business and did some hands-on field research and interviews with the target audience. To document our findings, we used a Google Slides presentation.

Social media audit

After synthesizing the research, we created a detailed social media strategy guide that began with an overall audit of the company’s current social media presence. Then, we created a detailed strategy for each social media platform. This included things such as content frequency, channel-specific requirements, and how to measure ROI effectively.

Market research

We analyzed Cheney’s top competitors in the food distribution space. We also took a look at the market and presented the client with some insight into the high-growth potential of the industry. Finally, we considered what the gap in the market was— a food distribution company with a core family background and a modern approach to social media.

Bringing it all together

We then focused on how to effectively use paid advertising to achieve Cheney’s social media goals. This outlined different types of ad targeting, content requirements, and key performance indicators for measuring ROI. Throughout the entire social media strategy, we gave guidance on content production, influencer marketing, and best practices.


Cheney Brothers is listed as the 4th largest private company in South Florida. This project was done in collaboration with The Digital Elevator out of West Palm Beach, FL.

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