Our mission is to help companies expand their online presence, build brand loyalty, and generate qualified leads. We offer a variety of social media and content marketing services for businesses across numerous industries. We have worked with start-ups and small businesses all the way to large companies averaging $2 billion in ARR. No task is too big or too small and all of our clients are treated with the utmost respect.

Martin Social was founded by Linzi Martin in 2017.

Martin Social is a full-service social media consultancy specializing in social media strategy, planning and analysis.


Linzi Martin is the Founder and Principal Marketing Strategist at Martin Social. She has a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and more than six years of industry experience. Linzi uses her extensive knowledge to effectively strategize social media and content initiatives for her clientele. Throughout her career, she has used various social media platforms as vehicles to showcase digital marketing content. Linzi’s history of performance in the online marketing space has consistently enabled businesses to grow organically.

A former award-winning college-athlete, Linzi is a natural competitor that will work tirelessly to achieve your company’s marketing goals. 



Social Media Strategy & Planning

Formulating social media strategies that enable your brand to grow and convert on social media.

Social Media Management

Ongoing social media and content marketing management for your business. Organic and paid.

Social Media Consulting

In-house or virtual training, and monthly consulting sessions with your team.


In-house social media education workshops for your company.

Content Marketing

Content writing and copywriting such as articles, blogs, newsletters, emails, and ads.

Content Creation

Images, graphics, videos, and creative content for your social media accounts.